Imaging Performance

Konica Minolta's advanced technology features allow improved image detail and contrast resolution that provide precision diagnosis and better patient outcomes.


All details on your screen

The Konica Minolta’s Ultra broad-band transducers in combination with the advanced 3THI (Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging) deliver an exceptional resolution and image clarity through the whole picture, starting from the very first millimeters.


Enhanced Confidence

The Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) technology enhances the needle visualization on the ultrasound image. SNV is straightforward and effective and supports ultrasound-guided procedures, performed with both in-plane and out-of-plane approaches. For in-plane interventions Sonimage HS1 detects automatically the needle, optimizing its visualization.



Intuitive operation

Full touch screen on 15” monitor

Sonimage HS1 implements an intuitive user interface, thanks to use of the touch screen technology on the 15” IPS LCD monitor. Operating the system in all its functions is easy, minimizing the learning curve and enhancing your confidence.