ARCHIMEDES System is an open pulley therapy system that offers a wide range of exercises of various types, to meet the needs of the professional and the patients.


More specifically, it is made up of modular structures that can be adapted to suit operating needs and the space available, a set of harnesses for different areas of the body, and other equipment that complete what is required.


The system allows creativity in designing specific rehabilitation programmes.



Indications for preventive treatment

It makes it possible to make movements and assume postures, which keep the correct body balance in the person.

It prevents damage due to asymmetrical activity by workers.

In adolescents, it facilitates harmonious growth, protecting against disharmony as a result of sport, play or study activities.


Indications for therapeutic treatment

It favours the mobility and stability of joints after trauma, or in a degenerative pathology context.

It improves muscle performance and movement of the fascias and therefore the lymphatic vascular flow.

It makes it possible to assume re-balancing postures for the capsular ligament structures.

It speeds up recovery of coordination and balance.


Type of applications

Suspension of a segment

Suspension of a number of segments

Gravity-assisted movements

Movements against resistance

Isometric contractions

Isotonic contractions

Eccentric contractions


Possible objectives

Elongation and strengthening, to attain myotensive balancing of the muscle groups

Restoration of the normal joint range

Execution of coordinated movements to improve the neuromotor system